Origine du logo TaeKwon-DO ITF

Origine du logo TaeKwon-DO ITF


Asunto: ITF logo

I have been asked to clarify the origin and design of the ITF Logo and crest. I designed the ITF Logo that is in use today at the request of General Choi in 1965. I will clarify the various parts of the logo, their meaning and how they work together. I presented the final design of the logo for General Choi’s` approval.

The center line of the ITF logo in the shape of an “S” represents the South Korean flag.

The half circle at the top and the half circle at the bottom represents the North and South Poles with the intersecting lines representing the Longitude and Latitude markers.

Tae at the left center of the logo represents the Atlantic Ocean, the fist in the center represents the Indian Ocean, and Kwon on the center right, represents the Pacific Ocean. The Arctic and The Antarctic are separated by the two half circles

The blue color represents the United Nations and the desire for World Peace.

The lettering around the outside of the logo are in the form of a gear, gears  working together, moving forward.

Jong Chang Kim Taekwon-do Pionner